Taper Line, Inc. is a Manufacturer of Precision Bearing Locknuts and Standard & Custom Precision Fasteners

For All Types of Industries We offer a selection of bearing locknuts in inch and metric thread sizes, Hex Nuts and Cylinder Accessories for all types of industries. Our unique "self locking" fastener products are secured to shafts, spindles and ball screws by a strong mechanical metal to metal locking feature. Two distinctive locking styles permit the operator to make a simple adjustment for maintenance or bearing pre-load requirements. Taper Line also offers customized locknuts for special applications. Contact us for more details.
CAD Drawings We can provide 8 types of CAD drawing formats of our products line. Click Here to
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  • Solid work Files: .sldasm; .sldprt
  • Parasolid Binary: .x_b
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  • Step AP214: .stp
  • ACIS: .sat
  • Adobe Portable Document Format: .pdf
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